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Sweat the small stuff: a lesson from weeding

Don't let the size fool you

Don’t let the size fool you

In Southeastern Pennsylvania the weed season is just beginning, but it’s early enough to know that I won’t do what I did last year. I went after the ‘big kill’ –pulling those weeds that were the largest, tallest, and the most bothersome instead of dealing with the much smaller ones much closer to the ground. The ones I pulled were tall with thick stalks, their roots lying just beneath the surface and shallow enough to be plucked up rather unceremoniously.

I decided to leave the small weeds where they were, as they seemed quite harmless, and pulling them out wouldn’t do anything to rid my poor mulched beds of having to cope with neighbors’ pity that no one was tending to it.

What a mistake. The small weeds were a pernicious bunch, crawling all over while being nearly impossible to pull out. Their root systems covered way more territory than the big, chunky stems that easily ejected from the landscaping a week earlier with a slight pull.

size is deceiving

size is deceiving

So, what did I learn? That sometimes you need to sweat the small stuff. You need to take care of small things when they happen, before they get out of hand. Details are important. It’s the little things that sometimes count. Going after the easy things first does nothing to spare you from dealing with what needs to be dealt with. It just makes things harder.

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