Double Take

Taking a second look at life experiences

About This Blog (and me)

About Double Take.

Life is full of surprises. Let’s revel in them. So, in this blog I take a second look at life—things that are sometimes funny, scary, pathetic, and sometimes awe inspiring. Many times, experiences deserve a double-take, but we’re too busy to stop and take it all in. This is my attempt to slow things down.

About me.

Well, why not start way back…ready? So, when I was in the eighth grade my teacher asked us to write a few sentences about what we wanted to be when we ‘grew up’.

What do teachers think kids will write about? Being a CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Being an anesthetist?

Really, does the average 14-year-old really have the ability to come up with occupations other than the ones they encounter every day? Ummm, let’s see….there’s teacher, coach, principal, nurse, doctor, orthodontist…you get the point.

Without much thought, the answer I gave was “author” because at the time, I was a crazy and obsessed voracious reader and anytime a book hit the 250 page mark, I was in awe.

How could someone have that much to say? 

I used to write poems, really corny ones….of all types. I wish I could tell you that these poems were about the wonders of life, but I’d be kidding both of us. I remember writing a poem about taxes (I was nine years old) that my father submitted to the Bergen Evening Record, that actually got published with this headline “Nine Year Old Writes About Death and Taxes”.

Not exactly page-turning stuff. 

Flash forward. I didn’t think so much about writing for pleasure until I enrolled in an educational technology class quite some time ago. The instructor assigned us to research several blogging platforms, choose the one we liked the best, and write just one blog in order to experience what it was like to post on the web.

BOOM. I was a writer 🙂 

(okay, of a blog….but still). 

I was hooked. Writing that blog  gave me a platform to explore so many important issues in a creative context.

I only hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!

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