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Say goodbye to fraternities and sororities (if you live in Berkeley, CA)

The Berkeley City Council voted to change its municipal code to reflect new gender neutral names. This will eliminate all masculine and feminine pronouns.

Some changes are obvious and already elicit a ho-hum instead of a really??? :

OLD: Fireman               NEW: Firefighter

OLD: Repairman           NEW: Repairers

Not so obvious is this one:

OLD: Manhole              NEW: Maintenancehole (I don’t know why, but this word just sounds gross).

Also scheduled for the update are the words fraternity and sorority.

They will be changed to….wait, I bet you’ve already thought of this one, yes? 

Here is the ‘newspeak’:

“collegiate Greek system residence”

Did you ace it? 

Sorry, but this one went over the top for me.

The city will spend $600 to update the law, but there’s no telling how much it will cost in human (can we still say that?) time and effort to make the changes.

I’m also just wondering what other concerns were on the docket on the days they spent discussing this item, since it was first raised as a topic in March. (Not that it concerns me that much, I don’t even live there)

If you have a lot of free time on your hands, you can read the law here.

(when you click on the link, if you want to go straight to the list of actual words that will be changed, scroll to page 8).

Ruth Schapira 

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