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The Simple Reason Social Media Marketing Bugs Me

The Social Media Trap

The Social Media Trap

I subscribe to many social media marketing newsletters. These are crafted with the help of Headline Analyzers, SEO-proven keywords and the like.

So, you’d think at least their headlines would grab me.

Yet, I delete, with such pleasure, as if I’m doing a mailbox cleanse or something, about 9 out of the 10 I regularly receive.

Why not just unsubscribe you ask?

Because every so often, they offer useful and timely solid content.

So, what annoys me to the point of happily clicking that e-mail into oblivion?

Here’s the crux of it: I don’t want to “Learn How to Get More Twitter Followers” or  discover the “7 Easy Ways to Get More Instagram Followers” or “How to run a Facebook ad and build my list for $10 day” .

Concerning these types of pitches, the ones on I see on Twitter are perhaps the worst.  It’s the platform I’m on most often, and I shake my head in disbelief as I read endless tweets about how I can maximize my marketing muscle.

Buy my book. Get my new product. Learn how to increase your reach. Get more clicks. More. Better. Best.

Some of the people represent firms where you can buy thousands of followers.

Really? The sales approach there is that once you’ve hit a magic number of followers, you can market yourself more easily as an expert, gaining more street cred, which in turn, converts into dollars.

Me, I just want to be on the platform, not monetize my experience from it.

(I’m not a “facebook person”, or an “Instagrammer”, though I’ll let anyone know who asks, the reasons why I’m on Twitter over other social media platforms).

So, I’ll continue to purge my Inbox of these kinds of offers and feel like I’m escaping the marketing machine’s social media trap.

Click. Delete. Boy, does that feel good.


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