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Home Is Where The Heart (And Work) Is

Thankfully, this is not my house.

First, I need to say that I’m grateful that my husband and I own a home.

But we’d be the first to say (and have said) that basically, when it comes right down to it, we have no business owning one.

Why? It’s not like we haven’t worked hard and earned the privilege.

It’s simply because we’re not handy. How would you know this? There are tell-tale signs, I assure you.

For one, when you walk into our garage, there’s no workbench staking a claim by the back wall.

Or walls of pegboards, filled with dangling bright orange power tools, organized in size order, their cords neatly tied below just waiting to be taken (literally) for a spin.

There are no bookmarked YouTube videos that show us how to spackle, stain, or paint.

Although once we did do a search for a video that would help us figure out why we heard water running from one of our toilets. We bookmarked one of those, then decided to call the plumber after all. (He came, fixed the thing in about 5 minutes, charged a bundle, but in the end, had to return because we heard the water running again. This caused us some satisfaction, I have to say, because it was apparent that even the plumber might not be so handy at times).

We can’t rely on our neighbors, as my parents used to. (This I wonder about often now, like how did they happen to know an electrician and a plumber, who would simply stop by and fix things as part of a neighborly visit?).

Our friends aren’t members of trade unions, and don’t have skills in any of those practical areas I wish I had taken up in high school, if it weren’t such a stigma at the time. You know, classes like wood shop, car maintenance, or budgeting…courses with content that would be infinitely more helpful to me today than let’s say Advanced Algebra. (Even my home economics course was only minorly helpful, as the only recipe I remember cooking was apple fritters and I haven’t made that even once since graduating high school).

We love our home, but are not fans of the intense time and responsibility involved—the fixing, tinkering, replacing, inspecting, and weeding (even though I have to admit that the process taught me a valuable lesson).

Apartment dwellers or home owners who rent out their property have this thing beat. They use a management company and let them do all the work. Sign us up.

Photo by Ruth Schapira 


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One thought on “Home Is Where The Heart (And Work) Is

  1. When we first moved into out house, we used to laugh that we couldn’t call the rental office anymore when something broke, because we were the office now :). It works itself out, though.

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