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4 Colossal Clues That I Have Plenty of Coffee Accessories

By Ruth Schapira

You might be tempted, after reading this, to think that I am a kitchen gadget geek (especially after reading my previous post).

I don’t think so, but my acquisition of assorted coffee machines and paraphernalia might be used by the prosecution to make the case that when it comes to coffee, I am a little obsessed.  You may arrive at a similar conclusion after reading the undeniable evidence below.

In my possession, there is way more than enough stuff to make any type of old-fashioned coffee any one person would need.

I say old-fashioned because I have not succumbed, nor will I, to the urge to pepper one’s home with pods. I refuse to participate in the craze (though by most accounts those pods are here to stay) due to the indulgent expense of it all, the ecological implications, and my most basic desire to not give in to what I see as yet another individualistic trend in our culture.

this press is smaller than my salt shaker!

this press is smaller than my salt shaker!

But unmistakable are these four clues that I am way beyond a casual relationship with coffee when it comes to accessorizing my habit.  

1. In my pantry is a vintage gold filter from one of my first drip coffee machines, plus any other kind of filter you could imagine: bleached white basket types, all-natural style cone-shaped ones, plastic ones for travel, even petite types that you use with a stick that balances on the edges of a mug, and two white ceramic ones (a small and a large) that you can place directly on top of varying sizes of coffee cups.

2. I have several types of electric coffee-making equipment: two vintage mini-Melittas that make from 2 – 4 cups, a vintage regular-sized Melitta drip machine, a “newer-old” Braun drip machine, a dated but perfectly good Salton espresso machine, two Italian Bialetti stainless steel stove top models and a huge DeLonghi coffee urn that can hold over 50 cups of coffee.

3. Moving on to the non-electric versions of producing the caffeine one needs in the morning, I own three regular sized French presses (one Bodum, one Mr. Coffee, one Starbucks).

4. Just so I wouldn’t have to be without, I also own assorted merchandise just for travel: a one-serving mini press (well, if they actually make this, it must be for a good reason), and a coffee press/mug that you can make on the run that I found in an Asian store (but have yet to try).

So, that’s my confessional, which by the way, I thought of writing while in line at Starbucks this morning, glancing over at the beautifully new and shiny stainless steel French press waiting to be purchased by perhaps another coffee-obsessed person.

As for me, today I decided that I own enough coffee stuff.

Defense rests.


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